Bobule 2021 - Hodonice

Dear IPSC friends,

Let me invite you to the competition Bobule 2021 - Hodonice

Markéta Prečanová
IPSC Znojmo, Střelnice Hodonice

Matches Čárka IV, Bobule, BO, Tom 71, Čárka V & Rozlučka belong in the Hodonice cup series.
From the 6 matches only 4 best results will be taken into account.
Overall evaluation will take place on the last match.

Basic info

Date:   18.7.2021
Level:  II.
Stages:  11
Rounds:  ???
        Prematch - capacity:  50 competitors
Main match - capacity:  140 competitors
Divisions:   Open, Standard, Production, Production Optics, Classic, Revolver, PCC
Categories:  Regular, Lady, Junior, Senior a Super Senior

Match management

Match Director:Marketa Precanova(CZE) email.
Range Master:Petr Svrcek(CZE)
Stats Officer:Vitezlav Kubac(CZE)
Stats Officer:Vlastimil Petyrek (CZE)

Time plan

17.7.202110:30 - 17:00Prematch
9:15 - 17:00
Registration to Main-match
Main Match
Results publication

Time plan

Entry fee payment:
Registration fee:  55 EUR

Prepaid entry fee is not refundable. Entry fee is movable to other registered shooter.

Payment of the start fee must be paid no later than the 7th day from the registration. Your registration will be deleted in case of non-payment of the start fee.

Please be so kind and include Reference Number, obtained in registration to every payment.
In case of the entry fee transferred on behalf of more than one person, provide a list of all prepaid competitors and add an exact amount paid on behalf of each shooter on the list to the e-mail.
This information is essential for correct payment recording.

Bank account for foreign shooters
Name and address of recepient: 
Account no. 2601743626/2010 Name of recepient: Klub IPSC Znojmo z.s. Address of recepient: Loucká 3057/32 671 81 Znojmo Name of bank: Fiobanka, a.s., Prague, Czech republic Address of bank: Praha 1, V Celnici 1028/10, PSČ 117 21 IBAN: CZ36 2010 0000 0026 0174 3626 SWIFT (BIC): FIOBCZPPXXX

Please bring a bank receipt with you to prove that you have paid your entry fees (be ready to provide the said receipt to the registration person at time of registration).

Consent to the processing of personal data

1. You hereby voluntarily consent to the organizer Klub IPSC Znojmo z.s., IČ 49438603 (hereinafter referred to as the „Administrator“) to process the following personal data within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data:
- name and surname
- birthdate
- email address
- telephone number
- Photo of the event

2. Name, surname, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address and photo of the event must be processed:
(a) for the purpose of registering, recording and evaluating the events organized by the Administrator.
b) for marketing purposes of the Administrator, ie in particular the publication of information about the Manager's ongoing activities.

These data will be processed by the Administrator for 5 years from the date of the consent.

3. With the above processing you give your explicit consent and declare that the personal data provided are true. You can accept your consent at any time by sending an email or letter to the Administrator.

4. Personal Data will be handled by the Administrator manually or automatically through its employees or other organizers appointed by the Administrator. For Administrators, data may also be processed by other providers of processing software, services, and applications that are not currently being used by the Administrator.

5. Please note that under the Personal Data Protection Act you have the right to:
- Take your consent at any time,
- ask us for information about the processing of your personal data,
- request an explanation for us regarding the processing of personal data,
- request access to these data with us and update or repair these data,
- require us to erase this personal information,
- In case of doubt about compliance with personal data processing, contact us or the Office for Personal Data Protection.

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